Interesting Facts About Servals

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Servals are unique large cats that are surprisingly acrobatic! They are skilled hunters with amazing agility and physical prowess. Read on to learn just what these charismatic cats can do!

  • Lanky Legs – Servals have almost comically long legs. Relative to body size, servals have the longest legs of any cat species. They use these long legs to launch themselves after their prey.
  • Lengthy Leaping – One of the serval’s most impressive feats is its ability to leap and capture birds in midair. They use their long legs to launch themselves into the air, and they can jump as high as 6 ft., 7 in. off the ground!
  • The Better to Hear You With – Another impressive feature? Servals also have the largest ears relative to body size of any cat! They use these ears to listen in on the movements of their prey. They slowly stalk closer to the sound of their soon-to-be meal, and leap into the air to pounce on it. They can even hear prey moving underground!
  • Success! – These incredible hunters are so efficient that they outhunt any other cat species! Move over tiger, with your measly 10% success rate. Servals capture half of the prey that they hunt! This rate blows all the other cat species out of the water.
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