Mia Yan

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Snoop is doing great! We fall more in love with him every day – he has such a fantastic personality and we can’t get enough of him. He really completes our little family. Snoop and I wake up every morning around 7 (although he wakes up at 5 most mornings) and after his breakfast we have some play time. John joins us for some coffee, treats, and play time before John and I head to work and Snoop keeps run of the apartment. He greats us each evening when we get home from work and we enjoy more fetch time and lounging. He loves to sit on all the window sills and check out the out doors. He’s ventured out onto the balcony several times and is continuing to get more comfortable being out there (he’s still a bit nervous but clearly wants to check things out). He curls up next to us at night, either with his head on the pillow next to mine or at mine and John’s feet. He’s friendly with everyone who comes over and likes to be right in the middle of the action. We seriously think we got “the best” cat! John and I feel so lucky he chose us that day at the cafe. He’s such a joy in our life.

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